Sabtu, 04 April 2015

HAPPY EASTER 2015!! Heatless curls/ Waves + DIY BUNNY EARS + BUNNY MAKE UP

So I decided to reveal myself anyway :p I'm Monica and I'm 19 years old going on 20 this year :)

TODAY's LOOK is..................... EASTER FUN!!

I am inspired by some halloween costumes I saw on youtube. One thing led to another, I was on a DIY page of how to make bunny ears!

The thing is, I didnt have accessories wire and I was too lazy to buy a meter of it in craft stores. So I decided to make do of anything I had in house, and I used ALUMINIUM FOIL :) :) I was so proud of myself for being creative heehee. Plus it looks much more fancy than normal copper wire <3
The whole look I did:

:) :)

Here you go:

The only Materials I needed:
1) some scrape textile
2) aluminium foil
3) and a double tape
oh and an unused headband <3

My Make Up:

The red blush on my nose is not prominent :( 

My Outfit:

a jumpsuit ! leave a comment below if you want to know where I got it <3

and most importantly! the heatless wave:

I didn't hair sprayed it so it didn't last long :(

I'll make a make-up tutorial vid under 3 minutes on how to do the look you request it, and here's a heatless wave video that inspired me:

Before I sign off,


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