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Global/Local Fashion Design

Hello Fashion people, I am Monica here (again, hehehe please don't get bored with me :D ) representing Natasha for today's blog post. She sent me her BEAUTIFUL artwork which was actually a portfolio collection she made for a University in France

So here I am, about to share to you the eight wonders of the world by my very own best friend. Prepare yourself for sheer awesomeness!


Her Portfolio theme was Global/Local. She elegantly delivered both keywords into a comparison art-pieces and how they could intertwine or fuse. Simple concept? Nope. It takes ingenuity to actually materialize it into a few impeccable masterpieces.

We'll start with her Global standard of beauty:

The finished piece for Global Beauty click for high quality

How did she do it? Below was her inspiration board:

Some of her sketches for the final piece that I absolutely adore:

She took inspiration from the history's Belles with those flawless gowns we used to see donned by Disney's Princesses. 

What I like is that there is history and culture of the popular standard of beauty infused in her artwork. She did not just focus on tight dresses worn by beautiful women of popular global beauty, she characterized it with the corset where the global standard took inspiration from.

Next, she chose the Dayak Tribe to represent Indonesia's definition of local beauty:

Beautifully Done.

And again, to those of you wondering how this renaissance was made:

How she interpreted Dayak women's long ears and adornment into unique earrings:

And how she expounded those earrings into an EARRING DRESS. Sheer genius.

Finally, the finished looks of Global+Local Beauty, infused in a fashion design:

I'd like to end this post with Natasha's articulate conclusion that I think all women should remember: Be it global or local ideals of beauty, as long as she allows her heart to express itself; She is beautiful.


Fashion Designer: Natasha Josephine

Post Writer: Monica

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