Selasa, 14 April 2015

Coachella Inspired Street Style + DIY Bralette and Flower Crown

It's that time of the year again (only for those with lots of money tho)!!!

It's.... COACHELLA music festival!

What is Coachella? For us Indonesian, we may not be bothered by it. But Coachella is basically an annual art and music festival held in California.

For me? It's basically where all my idols dress so heavenly, such that I drool. Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez <3 <3 Their looks are #(hashtag)GOALS!!!

So in today's blogpost, I'd like to (kind of) imitate their oh-so-coveted Coachella wardorbe.

To young Hollywood, Coachella is all about donning in their BOHO best and chic street style. So here's my take (with the help of my 'personal stylist', Natasha :p) of Coachella-inspired outift

(PS: This boho look can definitely be worn in malls and be a pleasant head-turner!)

can I say #nofilter? Yes I can :)
Me trying to turn gracefully to show my FRINGED KIMONO (but failed miserably)

My Look:
Floral Patterned Pants from a local boutique
Brown Leather Sandal from a local boutique
DIY Bralette
DIY Floral Crown!

Here's how I do my Bralette (Sorry for low quality pics!)

Items needed: 
1) unused white T-Shirt (Long tee preferred)
2) scissors
3) THAT's IT!

cut both sides of the tee

cut horizontally across the BEHIND

cut vertically from the middle of the FRONT

tie the behind as such

here's the front look!

and here's how I do my flower crown!

Items needed:
1) unused fake flowers your mom wanted to throw away (#truestorybro)
2) Some aluminum foil
3) a needle and thread!

materials needed

fold vertically (along the long length)

like so

connect the two folded aluminum foil to fit the top circumference of your head like so

sew the fake flowers to the aluminum foil!

end result!




PS: extra for you guys, here's my cute BFF with her ootd on the shoot day <3

See you next week, loves!

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  1. So niiiice :)
    Bisous de France

  2. Your style is really lovely <33 I adore your pictures too