Kamis, 10 Desember 2015


I know I should forget this
I mean, I did. I have forgotten this.
But in my silent moment when my mind is wandering to everything and anything…
I can’t help but thinking:
I bet she has it all,
I bet she’s beautiful.
Like you.
I bet she got the touch,
that makes you fall in love.
Like you

Maybe the way she laughs makes your heart skips a beat.
Maybe the way she walks and the way she talks paint your day
Maybe the way she crushed onto your skin lingers in your mind till date
Maybe her passions and love for the world opens up your eyes the way no one else can
Maybe every time she calls your name your face never fails to light up
Maybe her voice is a melody to your ears
Maybe she’s the only person you look forward to seeing after frizzling days
No one can replace her.
I shouldn’t have tried.
I couldn’t.

The same way no one else can replace you.

But I know better.
I know I could find someone who can see me the same way I looked at you, and the same way you looked at her

unlike you
I could learn to love that person.

Rabu, 29 April 2015

Spring Look!

SPRING... is going to be over in a month and summer is going to take over :O So while we're still in this beautiful season, why don't we make the best out of it while going out in style??

Spring Fashion is always all about beating the April/May showers in style ('duh?). Flowers are blooming and the grass is getting greener, hence, you would want to suit the your outfit with a matching spring color palette: it is all bout calm but colorful tone (ditch the monochrome palette this season, guys!)

Yesterday Natasha and I went for a girl time at a Cafe and I want to share with you our Spring outfits!

we found this cute 'alley' with DC Comics figures on the walls in Pondok Indah Mall

Romper : Forever 21
Wedge : Forever 21
Coat: G.S.E local boutique

Check out Natasha's cute Spring Outfit too!

Top: Zara Basics

Girls' Day is the best day :)

See you next Tuesday (or Wednesday :p)

xxo, Monica

Sabtu, 25 April 2015

Global/Local Fashion Design

Hello Fashion people, I am Monica here (again, hehehe please don't get bored with me :D ) representing Natasha for today's blog post. She sent me her BEAUTIFUL artwork which was actually a portfolio collection she made for a University in France

So here I am, about to share to you the eight wonders of the world by my very own best friend. Prepare yourself for sheer awesomeness!


Her Portfolio theme was Global/Local. She elegantly delivered both keywords into a comparison art-pieces and how they could intertwine or fuse. Simple concept? Nope. It takes ingenuity to actually materialize it into a few impeccable masterpieces.

We'll start with her Global standard of beauty:

The finished piece for Global Beauty click for high quality

How did she do it? Below was her inspiration board:

Some of her sketches for the final piece that I absolutely adore:

She took inspiration from the history's Belles with those flawless gowns we used to see donned by Disney's Princesses. 

What I like is that there is history and culture of the popular standard of beauty infused in her artwork. She did not just focus on tight dresses worn by beautiful women of popular global beauty, she characterized it with the corset where the global standard took inspiration from.

Next, she chose the Dayak Tribe to represent Indonesia's definition of local beauty:

Beautifully Done.

And again, to those of you wondering how this renaissance was made:

How she interpreted Dayak women's long ears and adornment into unique earrings:

And how she expounded those earrings into an EARRING DRESS. Sheer genius.

Finally, the finished looks of Global+Local Beauty, infused in a fashion design:

I'd like to end this post with Natasha's articulate conclusion that I think all women should remember: Be it global or local ideals of beauty, as long as she allows her heart to express itself; She is beautiful.


Fashion Designer: Natasha Josephine http://instagram.com/natasha.josephine

Post Writer: Monica http://instagram.com/monica_nathalia

Senin, 20 April 2015

College Look: Get Ready With Me

Heyyaa! This week's theme is all about COLLEGE. Today I'm posting a Get Ready with me College Look!

Decided to make a youtube vid about it. Gotta admit it turns out not as good as I hoped it to be due to lack of high quality camera, lighting, and voice recorder.

<here goes my long after-thought post. Skip if you are easily bored ;)>

But nevertheless, I tried my best and now I know that being a youtuber is SUPER DUPER TIRING!! :/ The whole shoot took me a whole day plus the retakes are ridiculously frustrating. Now don't get me started with the editing. I love the work but it took me two whole days in which I slept at 1.30 am consecutively. At the end of it all, I was still embarrassed by the end result for not looking professional at all, but I decided to go what-the-heck and posted it for you guys. 

So in conclusion, to those of you who look at any beauty vlogger and think that 'man, I wish I have her life. All she does is make video and get money': BE CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR. It's not easy to come up with a great content, planning everything (and for the posts to come), PROMOTING while still looking as good as they are. And those enviable insta feeds they have? Damn they have magic tricks up their sleeves (or a REALLY dedicated and hardworking soul)

It's like having a TV/Commercial production studio but you are the director, the producer, the writer, the visual editor, the audio editor, the creative manager, the supervisor, the actor, the designer, the salesman, the marketing person, the......................

Okay I should stop babbling. Make no mistake, I'm not complaining about what I did, I'm just appreciating the Herculean works beauty vloggers have done.

<end of my after-thought>

Okay! Without further ado, here's the video :D

HEATLESS WAVE for no damage hair and simple make up!

few pics.

maybe the last time I take pics with my iPhone for illustraits. Better quality pics coming up, so tune in!


Monica Nathalia

Sabtu, 18 April 2015

Coachella-themed Fashion Illustration

Hello fellow fashion enthusiasts!

This is my first post here at Illustraits, and my name is Natasha. Nice to meet you :) :)
A little bit about myself, I love to draw fashion pieces that I really like or inspiring, and so, at Illustraits, I'll be posting some of my fashion illustrations and the story behind it. New post will be uploaded every Friday / Saturday. Hope you enjoy my posts. :)

This week illustration theme is...


  In this year Coachella Music and Arts Festival I noticed some recurring sights of: legs legs and legs (summer is coming, people), shades (one of the festival essentials), hats, boho looks (festival classic), FRINGES (YAY TO FRINGES), and lots of rings and bracelets. 
And here is what I drew for Coachella this year:

Ombre cotton candy coloured hair for the festive mood, fringed black cotton dress and black denim shorts, upper-arm bracelets and ring bracelets.

The artistic graffiti backpack is from Chanel SS 2014 
I love the friendship bracelet - like ropes and the rebellious colours - perfect for a summer music festival <3

Footwear is from Chanel SS 2015
Karl Lagerfeld is such a genius for designing this kind of footwear. It is both casual and proper, that to-go-shoes for any occasions. 

Thankyou for reading my post/ For any questions on how I drew my illustrations and suggestion on how I can improve it, feel free to drop comments below. :D

See you next week!


ig: @natasha.josephine

Follow our instagram: @illustraits <3

Selasa, 14 April 2015

Coachella Inspired Street Style + DIY Bralette and Flower Crown

It's that time of the year again (only for those with lots of money tho)!!!

It's.... COACHELLA music festival!

What is Coachella? For us Indonesian, we may not be bothered by it. But Coachella is basically an annual art and music festival held in California.

For me? It's basically where all my idols dress so heavenly, such that I drool. Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez <3 <3 Their looks are #(hashtag)GOALS!!!

So in today's blogpost, I'd like to (kind of) imitate their oh-so-coveted Coachella wardorbe.

To young Hollywood, Coachella is all about donning in their BOHO best and chic street style. So here's my take (with the help of my 'personal stylist', Natasha :p) of Coachella-inspired outift

(PS: This boho look can definitely be worn in malls and be a pleasant head-turner!)

can I say #nofilter? Yes I can :)
Me trying to turn gracefully to show my FRINGED KIMONO (but failed miserably)

My Look:
Floral Patterned Pants from a local boutique
Brown Leather Sandal from a local boutique
DIY Bralette
DIY Floral Crown!

Here's how I do my Bralette (Sorry for low quality pics!)

Items needed: 
1) unused white T-Shirt (Long tee preferred)
2) scissors
3) THAT's IT!

cut both sides of the tee

cut horizontally across the BEHIND

cut vertically from the middle of the FRONT

tie the behind as such

here's the front look!

and here's how I do my flower crown!

Items needed:
1) unused fake flowers your mom wanted to throw away (#truestorybro)
2) Some aluminum foil
3) a needle and thread!

materials needed

fold vertically (along the long length)

like so

connect the two folded aluminum foil to fit the top circumference of your head like so

sew the fake flowers to the aluminum foil!

end result!




PS: extra for you guys, here's my cute BFF with her ootd on the shoot day <3

See you next week, loves!