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Coachella-themed Fashion Illustration

Hello fellow fashion enthusiasts!

This is my first post here at Illustraits, and my name is Natasha. Nice to meet you :) :)
A little bit about myself, I love to draw fashion pieces that I really like or inspiring, and so, at Illustraits, I'll be posting some of my fashion illustrations and the story behind it. New post will be uploaded every Friday / Saturday. Hope you enjoy my posts. :)

This week illustration theme is...


  In this year Coachella Music and Arts Festival I noticed some recurring sights of: legs legs and legs (summer is coming, people), shades (one of the festival essentials), hats, boho looks (festival classic), FRINGES (YAY TO FRINGES), and lots of rings and bracelets. 
And here is what I drew for Coachella this year:

Ombre cotton candy coloured hair for the festive mood, fringed black cotton dress and black denim shorts, upper-arm bracelets and ring bracelets.

The artistic graffiti backpack is from Chanel SS 2014 
I love the friendship bracelet - like ropes and the rebellious colours - perfect for a summer music festival <3

Footwear is from Chanel SS 2015
Karl Lagerfeld is such a genius for designing this kind of footwear. It is both casual and proper, that to-go-shoes for any occasions. 

Thankyou for reading my post/ For any questions on how I drew my illustrations and suggestion on how I can improve it, feel free to drop comments below. :D

See you next week!


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