Kamis, 10 Desember 2015


I know I should forget this
I mean, I did. I have forgotten this.
But in my silent moment when my mind is wandering to everything and anything…
I can’t help but thinking:
I bet she has it all,
I bet she’s beautiful.
Like you.
I bet she got the touch,
that makes you fall in love.
Like you

Maybe the way she laughs makes your heart skips a beat.
Maybe the way she walks and the way she talks paint your day
Maybe the way she crushed onto your skin lingers in your mind till date
Maybe her passions and love for the world opens up your eyes the way no one else can
Maybe every time she calls your name your face never fails to light up
Maybe her voice is a melody to your ears
Maybe she’s the only person you look forward to seeing after frizzling days
No one can replace her.
I shouldn’t have tried.
I couldn’t.

The same way no one else can replace you.

But I know better.
I know I could find someone who can see me the same way I looked at you, and the same way you looked at her

unlike you
I could learn to love that person.

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